Forager Unveils Tool To Analyze Cross-Channel Advertising Data  


Forager is a cloud-based system that combines and analyzes data from paid online advertising channels, such as AdWords, Bing, Facebook and Yahoo. Forager is designed to provide powerful metrics and reports that enable advertisers, agencies and executives to save time, spend smarter and avoid costly mistakes when planning their online advertising budgets.


Key features include:

  • Summary, which provides a big-picture visual of how much is being spent on each ad platform and where traffic is coming from;
  • Search Summary, which provides search intel, such as overall quality scores, overall spend and cost-per-action (CPA) by match type;
  • Campaign Type, which offers a clean view of users’ search, display and social campaign performance to help allocate future spend;
  • Geography, which provides insight into what geographic regions are driving the best results. It also provides global views; and
  • Daily Email, which notifies marketers when reports are ready and provides a glance into what needs immediate attention.


Forager’s targeted users include marketers looking to enhance their ad campaigns and track advertising spend.


Forager connects with ad networks including Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Gemini and Google Analytics.


Forager offers two delivery plans: Online Access to combined advertising analytics data for $199 a month; and All Access (online and direct data) plans, which start at $499 a month.


Current Forager clients include Tableau, Harvest and SiteTuners.


Forager is a SaaS tool for digital advertisers. By connecting with all of the major advertising networks and normalizing large amounts of data on an automated basis, Forager allows digital advertisers to gain deep insights across multiple channels without ever having to open a single spreadsheet.


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