Study: More Than Half Of Marketers Looking To Gain Better Understanding Of Customers

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Buyer Insights, Campaign Reporting & Measurement, Featured Article, Research Recap | 0 comments


experian-imageDigital marketing requires relevancy and resonance to help lead customers through a buying decision. This requires deep insight and data into a target audience to understand their needs and serve up content that is valuable to them. Recent research from Experian Marketing Services highlights this need, noting that over half (52%) of marketers state their priority for the year is to enhance their knowledge of their customers’ wants and needs.

The 2016 Digital Marketer Report surveyed over 1,100 marketers to learn more about the challenges, priorities and other key issues impacting digital marketers worldwide. The study notes that enterprise marketers’ top overall challenges include:

  • Understanding customer needs, wants and attitudes (38%);
  • Making messages contextually relevant (33%); and
  • Making analytics actionable (32%).

These challenges  tie back to the need to develop a deep understanding of the customer, which helps marketing teams create relevant messaging that keeps buyers’ attention.

“You want to make sure that your content is relevant, and you can’t do that without knowing your customers wants and needs,” said Spencer Kollas, VP of Global Deliverability at Experian Marketing Services, during a webinar session spotlighting the research. “A lot of these challenges tie together and can be caused by one another.”

To tackle these challenges, the report shows that 43% of marketers will hone in on integrating their technology — while also collecting, managing and linking data (42%). This differs to C-suites’ priorities; over half (56%) of C-level respondents stated in the report that their top priorities include integrating technology to automate, orchestrate and manage cross-channel interactions. Other priorities for the C-suite include investing in technology that helps track and allocate revenue to marketing channels (45%), as well as investing in analytics to optimize customer experiences (43%).

Other findings from the report include:

  • 81% of marketers struggle with gaining a holistic view of the customer;
  • 69% of marketers use automated, real-time decisioning in their campaigns; and
  • 66% of marketers plan to analyze historical data for predictive modeling over the next year.

“The customer looks at you as one single company; and since they see us in that way, we need to have this holistic view to meet customers’ needs,” Kollas noted. “Since customers look at us from a cross-channel point of view, we need to make sure we break down the silos and look at the customers in the same way.”