Merkle Continues International Expansion With Comet Acquisition

Data-driven performance marketing agency Merkle has acquired Comet Global Consulting, a provider of inbound and outbound CRM, marketing and real-time decision management solutions, for an undisclosed fee. The acquisition intends to cater to brands that are advancing to people-based marketing — helping companies reach their customers in moments that influence decisions and behaviors most.

Merkle Unveils Data Quality Assessment Tool

Merkle launched DataCheck, a tool designed to help users assess the overall quality of their data. This assessment can position marketers to make more accurate business decisions and maximize their overall impact on the business. The tool intends to provide users with statistics about the quality, completeness, and accuracy of their data. The audit also includes reports on data hygiene, data matching and data enhancement. The tool evaluates a user’s data and measures it in four ways: Completeness: or the thoroughness of a company’s contact information; Validity: the overall accuracy of the business data based on third-party sources; Contactability: the accuracy of current contact details such as email and phone number; and Profile: Breakdown of customer data by size of company, industry, location, sales, and more. “Customer data is one of the most valuable assets for any company, but it can also be one of the most costly,” said Marc Fanelli, VP and GM of Global Data Solutions for Merkle. “Maintaining complete and accurate data is vital to implementing impactful and cost-effective customer engagement.”