SAP Integrates Software Suite With Facebook’s Custom Audiences

SAP SE announced that the company is planning to use Facebook’s scalable Custom Audiences targeting capability in the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution. Custom Audiences enables marketers to onboard their first party customer data to reach those people on Facebook. The company anticipates that this integration assist businesses attempting to scale campaigns and commerce initiatives. The solution also is expected to provide a closed loop that tracks campaign performance from impression to revenue with high precision. “Facebook is one of the leading digital advertising platforms,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, SVP and head of Corporate Business Development and Strategic Ecosystem, SAP. “SAP customers want to use Facebook to promote their brands, products and services. With this new offering to SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, our customers will be enabled to more effectively find their target audience on Facebook, measure their ad spend and track conversations to give a more accurate and comprehensive picture of an advertising program’s effectiveness.” The SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution powered by SAP HANA will allow users to combine enterprise data on customers with buying behaviors to enhance targeted advertising. The solution will be able to create categories from enterprise data to reach subsets of customers more effectively using Facebook advertising. This will allow marketers to map an audience profile using predictive buying propensity models within SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence to Facebook. “It is clear that SAP wants to help marketers improve the accuracy of their campaigns and provide the granular, closed-loop ROI analysis that is often challenging in digital campaigns,” said Blake Chandlee,