Datameer Unveils Multichannel Analytics Tool

Datameer, a Big Data insights platform provider, launched its multichannel analytics application, a tool designed to help users combine disparate data to gain a consolidated view of campaign performance. The tool is positioned to help marketers integrate data from multiple marketing campaigns across multiple channels. This intends to help users gain a better understanding of leads that ultimately convert into customers with the help of behavioral analysis. The solution is positioned to provide users several insights, including: Where high quality leads come from; What combination of campaigns convert leads to customers; What assets are the most effective in influencing those conversions; and What the conversion speed and effectiveness is of both campaigns and assets. “Marketing executives have to become data-driven in order to be key drivers of customer acquisition for their companies,” said Azita Martin, CMO of Datameer. “Now, businesses can decipher and drill down into their lead-to-customer journey to increase conversion and accelerate revenue.”

Fujitsu Adds Datameer To Integrated Big Data Platform

Fujitsu selected Datameer as part of its new integrated big data platform. Starting immediately, Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX customers will be able to get big data solutions powered by Datameer to harnesses actionable analytics and highlight business advantages. PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is designed to simplify big data by offering the pre-configured and pre-tested hardware with open-source software. Through integrating Datameer’s analytics application, Fujitsu is enabling users to start tapping into big data without needing to involve IT staff in setting up complex and time-consuming processes. “This solution combines Datameer’s analytics application with Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub, enabling customers to see higher returns on investment in big data use cases such as customer analytics, operational analytics and new products and services,” said Harald Bernreuther, director of global infrastructure solutions at Fujitsu. The partnership strengthens Datameer’s networks of global partnerships, notably in Europe, and adds Fujitsu to a list of partners that includes Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Pivotal, Microsoft, Dell, Zementis and Workday. “Datameer’s mission is to help abstract the complexity of Hadoop and unlock big data insights that were previously unattainable for business analysts,” said Kimberly Martin, VP of Business Development and Worldwide channels at Datameer. “Fujitsu’s deep expertise in the information and communication sector will help bring the power of Datameer to more businesses and people who want to make data-driven decisions.”