How Personas Create a Customer-Centric Direct Marketing Approach

By Art Hall, Quad/Graphics Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all approaches to direct marketing. Industry research shows that traditional direct marketing response rates have plummeted from a historical 2% to less than 0.6% for many of today’s mailings. Even email marketing, which originally exploded in volume, is now experiencing a significant decline in effectiveness.

Using CRM Data To Drive Digital Advertising Campaigns 

By Jeffrey Finch, Choozle Every action people take online creates valuable data. Each website interaction, purchase, survey question answered and online engagement helps marketers learn more about their target audience and customer. This collection of data enables marketers to create customized online experiences that can influence their customer’s behavior.

Report: Enterprise Leaders Embrace Data-Driven CX, But Suffer Integration Challenges

In today’s multichannel economy, data-driven customer experiences (CX) are crucial to companies’ future growth. According to a Forbes Insight report, Data Elevates The Customer Experience, the benefits of providing data-driven CX are wide-ranging, including enhanced revenue generation and enabled cost reduction, as well as accelerating process efficiencies and quality improvements. However, many organizations are still working toward sharing data across applications and departments.

How To Turn Data Into A Story That Incites Action

Turning overwhelming amounts of data into actionable insights is a big challenge for today’s marketers. That’s because they aren’t telling the full story, according to this infographic by marketing agency SapientNitro. By combining analytics with the core components of good storytelling, marketers are better equipped to communicate their goals and achievements with key stakeholders and company execs. [Click To Expand] Source: SapientNitro