MarketShare Launches Data-Driven Marketing Evaluation Tool

MarketShare unveiled SpendCheck, an online app designed to help marketers evaluate the performance of their marketing programs and provide insights into how to maximize overall marketing effectiveness. The app, which runs on the MarketShare DecisionCloud platform, intends to help users calculate the potential bottom-line impact of data-driven marketing campaigns. The tool can also recommend ways to improve the campaigns success — leading users to maximize ROI for their marketing initiatives. The evaluation tool analyzes insights and data provided by the user, as well as from third-party sources, including: Crimson Hexagon; Moody’s; and Rentrak. “SpendCheck is a quick and easy way for marketers to cut through the noise and start quantifying their marketing efforts in terms of financial outcomes and effectiveness,” says Wes Nichols, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketShare. “It’s a terrific first step toward adopting a more data-driven mindset for any marketing organization.”