Experian And Neustar Team Up To Offer Omnichannel Onboarding

omnichannel-stock-imageData-driven marketing services provider Experian Marketing Services has partnered with real-time information services provider Neustar to provide advanced data onboarding solutions for marketers. This can be used to enhance addressable coverage and expanded activation options across direct match partners in a range of media channels, including mobile, display, email and TV. 

The partnership aims to help marketers address three data needs: quality, scale and omnichannel activation. Through Neustar’s Omnichannel Onboarding solution, advertisers and marketers are positioned to onboard CRM audiences and audience segments derived from transactions, which include POS data and credit card purchases.

The partnership is designed to provide marketers with:

  • Omnichannel data assets, accuracy and match rate via Neustar’s Omnichannel Onboarding and Experian’s ConsumerView database, which aims to help customers avoid the consequences of poor data quality.
  • Omnichannel scale, which utilizes both companies’ partnerships with direct publishers, monetization platforms and email partners. Additionally, it utilizes Experian’s digital data exchange cooperative to provide clients with the power to maximize customer reach across digital touch points.
  • Omnichannel activation, which will provide a holistic solution to activate first-, second- or third-party data across multiple channels and devices.

“Together with Experian Marketing Services, we are offering an end-to-end omnichannel solution from onboarding to activation that will give advertisers the best ability to utilize their data to deliver the best-connected customer experiences to real audiences across multiple channels and devices,” said Ted Prince, Senior VP of Corporate Development at Neustar, in a statement.