Clearcode Unveils 7suite Data Management Tech Stack

by | May 11, 2016 | Data Driven Marketing, News Brief | 0 comments

0dde915886bc467aa9034d25e914eb57Clearcode, a marketing and advertising platform provider, unveiled a new suite of solutions designed to help users better manage and leverage their data for marketing and advertising campaigns.

The tech stack, titled 7suite, is made up of a data management platform designed to collect first-party customer data that users can leverage to create segments or display personalized messaging on the company website.

The suite also offers a tag management solution that enables users to keep track of their website tags and integrate them within the data management platform. Additionally, 7suite provides a content personalization engine that can leverage audience analytics to enhance content and messaging — ultimately aiming to increase engagement and conversions.

“For businesses today, data is as valuable as physical currency, and the ability to manage, store and use customer data in a secure and efficient way is critical to success,” said Maciej Zawadziński, CEO of Clearcode, in a statement. “Based on our in-depth knowledge of the ad tech ecosystem, we created 7suite to fill the gaps in existing data management solutions with full data control, customization and pricing that allows demand-side users to scale their offerings and supply-side users to better monetize their data.”