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The Road To High-Powered Marketing

April 27th, 2016

  Two out of every three enterprise businesses consider personalizing the customer experience as their main priority. To accomplish this task, marketers require insight and data into how customers are defining their buying journey to remain relevant and increase engagement. This infographic from Teradata highlights trends in data management and how it’s impacting the decisions data-driven marketers are making. [Click To Expand] Source: Teradata


Former ExactTarget Head of Sales Joins Localytics as Chief Revenue Officer

May 29th, 2015

Localytics, a marketing and analytics platform provider for mobile and web apps, named Scott Bleczinski as the company’s first Chief Revenue Officer. Bleczinski will oversee Localytics’ Sales and Customer Success organizations to help drive the company’s go-to-market activities and continued growth. As the former Head of Sales for ExactTarget, Bleczinski brings nearly 15 years of experience in driving sales and growth to Localytics. He spent eight years as the Executive Vice President of Sales at ExactTarget and recently served as Chief Revenue Officer for Docurated, a marketing and sales acceleration solution provider. “Our rapid growth makes this a very important role for the company going forward,” said Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics. “Scott’s experience in leading ExactTarget’s fast-growing sales organization, his deep understanding of our market and his focus on delivering great customer experiences make him the ideal candidate.” Bleczinski also added: “Localytics is well positioned to lead the fast-growing app economy, and I looks forward to helping drive the next phase of growth for the company.”


Jumpshot Receives $22 Million Investment To Enhance Offerings

May 28th, 2015

Jumpshot, a marketing analytics platform provider, has received $22 million in Series-A funding. Jumpshot plans to use the round of investment, led by Avast Software, to scale operations and enrich its two core offerings: the Jumpshot Plus web platform and Jumpshot Strategic Analytics. The Jumpshot Plus web platform is designed to enable marketers to benchmark performance against competitors or market trends and uncover new marketing opportunities through audience segmentation. Marketers can view a buyer’s path before and after visiting their company’s websites and track customers who visit a specific URL. “Https data and persistent user IDs allow us to go beyond reporting discrete moments in the customer journey to also reveal why particular events took place,” said Deren Baker, CEO at Jumpshot. “This depth of behavioral insight does not exist anywhere else and exposes the limited view that most marketers have of their best customers.”


Marketers Look To Data And Analytics To Shape The Next Generation Of SEO

April 16th, 2015

By Deena M. Amato-McCoy, Contributing Writer As marketers look to take SEO beyond keywords and rankings in the major search engines, they are increasingly relying on data and analytics to help optimize their online presence. Marketers are looking to more robust analytical tools not only monitor organic traffic and top rankings, but also integrate with Google Analytics to deliver daily insight into the top-performing pages and keywords. Analysis should also become more granular to ensure more targeted content is presented in searches. “Beyond the typical top 10 blue links [search engines return], brands should be looking at results across images, video, news, in-depth articles, instant answer results, and knowledge graphs, among other sources,” said Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz. Fishkin added: “Brands should track thematic sections of web sites; monitor how search visitors perform by Web page and section, and then determine where search lives in their [marketing] funnel.” Three Tips For SEO Success As the marketplace continues to evolve, so must SEO strategies. The following tips can help keep marketers on track: Move Beyond The Basics. Without a clear understanding of how to move beyond rudimentary, tactical SEO processes toward advanced SEO practices, the operation will remain a small piece of the web marketing puzzle. “In general, web marketers still don’t understand the full value of SEO, or prioritize for SEO education,” said Rand Fishkin, Wizard of Moz. “While it’s a long road ahead, over time, it’s my hope that learning about SEO will become a less complex, confusing process.” Know Your Audience. Rather