Research Recap


Study: Cost And Volume Of Data Breaches Increase

June 30th, 2016

Data breaches are a hard reality for every organization. Just ask Noodles & Co. The fast-casual restaurant chain announced on June 28 a major security breach of customers’ credit card information that occurred between January 31 and June 2 and affected customer data at 44 locations in Minnesota and 37 locations in Wisconsin. These vulnerabilities cost companies and their customers plenty in terms of brand reputation, as well as dollars and cents.


Report: Enterprise Leaders Embrace Data-Driven CX, But Suffer Integration Challenges

May 26th, 2016

In today’s multichannel economy, data-driven customer experiences (CX) are crucial to companies’ future growth. According to a Forbes Insight report, Data Elevates The Customer Experience, the benefits of providing data-driven CX are wide-ranging, including enhanced revenue generation and enabled cost reduction, as well as accelerating process efficiencies and quality improvements. However, many organizations are still working toward sharing data across applications and departments.


Study: More Than Half Of Marketers Looking To Gain Better Understanding Of Customers

April 28th, 2016

  Digital marketing requires relevancy and resonance to help lead customers through a buying decision. This requires deep insight and data into a target audience to understand their needs and serve up content that is valuable to them. Recent research from Experian Marketing Services highlights this need, noting that over half (52%) of marketers state their priority for the year is to enhance their knowledge of their customers’ wants and needs.


Report: Data Says 6 Emails Per Subscriber Is Ideal 

February 3rd, 2016

Reward program solutions provider Paytronix debuted the first research brief in a series of reports titled, Extracting Customer Insights from Big Data. The report is designed to help retailers and restaurants leverage their data insights and marketing innovations to increase customer visits and spend.